If you do a good job, you will probably get results which means more money. That ‘more money’ part is very exciting to many. But if you are not careful, it may completely ruin your business. Money is good. It’s thrilling when you know you are getting paid to do what you love. 
Often, most Freelancers and online entrepreneurs get overwhelmed by work demand to a point where they forget about serving their customers well. If you have more than 2 projects at hand that requires the same attention to detail, consider assigning it to someone else to help you out. Hiring someone else with the same skills as yours from sites like Upwork will not only help you complete the projects faster with less effort, but you will also rest assured that the project is being taken care of.  Here are my few approaches to hiring a fellow freelancer online; 

Accept That You Will Not Be a Freelancer All Your Life

Don’t let praises from your clients for a good job keep you from thinking bigger. Everyone of us will like to own an enterprise one day and quit their ‘doing it themselves’. When you get more work from your clients and referrals than you can handle it yourself, appreciate and accept that you are growing and you need some help. It’s all about mindset change. You just need to accept the challenge to grow.

Use The Freelancing Sites that You Are Familiar With

Hiring another freelancer from a freelancing site that you have worked in is easy as you already know the terms. For instance, if you freelance on Upwork, you will not struggle trying to understand how to post a job, sift through freelancers and hire one. As a result, you will be quick to point on one with the right skills since you are already on the same shoes.

NOTE: Try as much not to say/boast that you are a freelancer in the same field. Its non of the freelancers you want to hire business and may ruin your success in finding the right fit. Most expert freelancers are interested in providing solution to your problem. Stick to that. 

Narrow Down Your Needs

Now that you have decided which freelancing site to use, it’s now time to narrow down your needs. Let’s say a client wants a video that will require you to incorporate animations, voice over and screen recordings. In this case you will first need to break down this requirement into 4 -Voice over, animation, screen casting, editing and compilation. 

For, me I will hire someone to do voice and someone else to do animation based on the script. I will then complete the screen-casting and compilation of the three elements. This is fun and exciting for me. 

In some cases, I will  hire someone else to do editing and animation if have a lot of work at hand. By doing so, I will be making profit at end, at the same time having more time for myself than before. 

Hire Someone with Portfolio and Clear Communication

Now, poor communication can ruin day let alone your business especially when you are working on a fixed deadline. Some freelancers are poor when it comes to communication. If you sense this from the first e-mail, cease the communication. It will help you a lot in filtering and finding the right fit. 
Pick the ones who are able to address your problem in their bid/application. 

Consider Doing a Paid Test Project if You are Hiring For the First Time

If you had been a freelancer for a long time and you start hiring, you may be intimidated by the quality others put out. At the same time, you will be scared of the fact that you pricing may not be attractive enough. You should not be. Think outside the box. Let the job sound very easy to do to someone experienced. Most freelancers like to work for clients with clear requirements irrespective of the price. If it’s a video, you can hire 2-3 freelancers for a test project for $10-20 and ask them to create a 30 seconds video. From there, you can pick the best freelancer with clear communication skills. 


Don’t let fear hold you back from hiring someone to help you out even if you are a freelancer. You will soon discover that, you are getting more done in less time. Plus, you will have more time to participate in other fun activities. 

And that’s all from me today.

Till next time; bye and take care.

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