Most people don’t take subtitles seriously when working on a videos intended for publishing on Youtube. But did you know that youtube captions or subtitles can increase the chances of your video being found on YouTube? Also, did you know that this can increase your chances of getting business especially if you are a video editor as your prospect will perceive you as more knowledgeable than others? Well, lets dig deeper.

Case Study

Go to youtube and search for a video using a keyword, say ‘Motivational talks.’ You will get hundreds of videos from the search results. Now, how do you quickly identify the best one apart from clicking the ones appearing on the top of the search results? Simple, you use search filters.

When you click on filters, you will find ‘subtitles’ under features. Now this where you know that ‘subtitles is one algorithm that youtube uses to filter search results.

Why This is Important 

Millions and millions of videos are Uploaded to youtube daily. To beat the competition, youtube introduced ‘features’ as part of the search filters to allow regular video creators to stand out in the market place. Subtitles is one of them. Subtitles is often overlooked by most people but widely used by serious and ardent you-tubers.

Moreover, this filter is used by youtube to rank videos people search on youtube.

Also, those searching for videos on youtube will pick this feature to narrow down their search and often, they are left with few choices if none.

This means that all videos without subtitles will be eliminated and explains why many valuable content without subtitles on youtube have few views.

Why this service is a asset to your business  

Most freelancers will agree me that at one point in their business, clients have asked them for subtitles after completing a project for them. In most cases, you will find that the client is willing to pay for this additional service. 

Besides, it makes you stand out as a video editor you can charge more than others.  

This is how you grow your freelancing business and stand out from the rest. It will also aid you when explaining the cost that you charge. Some clients will ask you to break down your budget. 

Now, a seasoned client who invest heavily on video will view you as an expert as he already know the value of subtitles in their video.

How to create video subtitles 

Creating video subtitles is easy and anyone can do it. For me, I use Camtasia studio or Youtube. I recommend youtube as you can add subtitles in realtime.

To add subtitles on youtube, go to youtube and select the video you want to add subtitles and click edit. You will see the subtitles menu there.

Now you know a loophole that you can utilize on video editing and earn more money.  

That’s all from me today. 

If you need help with video production, please let me know via the contact us page. I will be glad to help. 

Till next time, bye and take care:-)  

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