The courage to shift gears from working as a freelancer to hiring other freelancers to collaborate with you on a project requires a proper set of mind.

Robert Kiyosaki, the best selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad classify wealth acquisition process in 4 categories that he calls ‘Cashflow Quadrant.’

Video – Shifting gears from working as a freelancer to hiring other freelancers

The first quadrant is Employee- who earns money by holding unto a job. His/her income is limited to monthly salary. The second quadrant is Self Employed- who works for himself or owns the job. He has control of what he does. Freelancers fall on this quadrant of self employed.

Transitioning from Freelancing to business requires courage, faith and change of mindset.

In this blogpost, I will point out different opportunities you should take advantage of as a freelancer and transition from Freelancing to business.

When You win Mega Contract

When you have a good reputation on any popular freelancing site, you will get hired for big projects. For example, I regularly get hired for high value contracts in video production. Since I am good at video editing, I prefer hire a script writer, voice over artist, 3D animator to help me where needed in the video production process.

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Not everyone will do this. They would rather do the whole job and have all the money than hire a fellow freelancer. If you do this, you will limit yourself from growth. Also, you will find yourself always busy and not having time for yourself. Take advantage of such openings to start learning to hire and setting up your business or agency.

Temptation to Learn a Skill For The Sake of Money

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Lets say, I get a well paying 3D animation contract for the first time. My first thought will be to learn how to model and animate 3D characters because the pay looks good. That will require me to dedicate a lot of time on learning how to do it perfectly. On the other hand, if I have a business mindset, I will do my math and hire a freelance expert in 3D animation to do the job.

At the end, I will worry less about doing the job and shift focus to commenting and criticizing on the completed work. At the end, we will both take credit for the job.
I recommend freelancers to take this route so long as they are able to profit from the project and deliver quality service.

When You Are Travelling

I assume Freelancers plan and go for vacations at least once a year. With this said, if a long term client you have been working with sends you an e-mail on the day you are travelling and asks you to work on an urgent project, what will you do? Will you cancel your air ticket so as to attend to the client needs?
Most freelancers will cancel their plans and get back to work.

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But what if you could find someone with skills same as yours to step in for you and do the job at a lower fee? Wouldn’t that be great? That’s exactly what you should do, post the job for freelancers to apply and hire someone to do the job on your behalf. Once done, send the completed work to the client.
Being able to reason this way alone might forever change your life.

This are 3 among the many instances that I suggest you hire a fellow freelancer to work with you.
Small actions like this will stimulate your growth. You will be free to do many other exciting things in life.

And that’s it from me.

In what instances do you hire freelancers to collaborate with you? How has it changed your life?
Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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Untill next time bye bye and take care.

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