Did you know that you can write powerful consultancy proposals in any niche with the help of AI? Yes, AI can save you a lot of time as well as help enhance your consultancy proposals. 

Video- Writing Video Production Consultancy Proposals With AI

When you give the right commands to the AI tool of your choice, you can quickly write a proposal that covers all aspects that the client has outlined in the terms of reference. 

In this article, I will walk you through the process of writing a proposal using the AI tools for a media and communications consultancy proposal.

Understand First The Terms of Reference   

Terms of Reference in a consultancy proposal is the information that the client provides about the consultancy job. It outlines what the consultancy is all about, the goal of the consultancy, the timelines, expected deliverables and how the client expects the applicant to prepare their proposal. 

Before rushing to open the AI tool of your choice, read, re-read to understand what the client is looking for and how they expect you to help them achieve that goal. Once you have understood your client’s goal, open the AI tool of your choice and begin giving it the right instructions. Ensure you follow your clients desired format while you prepare your proposal. 

Stick to the Clients Instructions on How to Prepare Your Proposal 

Nearly all consultancy requests for proposals/Quotation have a section on how to prepare your proposal. Follow instructions on that section when preparing your proposal. In some RFP’s they have titled it ‘how to apply.’ Stick to that section. 

The most common terms used in most consultancies are ‘Technical’ and ‘Financial’ proposal. Technical proposal entails the details on how you intend to work on the project to achieve clients’ intended goal as well as the timelines. In the case it’s a media consultancy, you will need to outline your approach/methodology, the type of cameras you propose to use, the angles you will take e.g. drone e.t.c. This all is covered in the Technical proposal. 

What AI Can Do

With the help of AI, you can speed up the process of writing a technical proposal. In Fact if you know how to command the AI tools, it will give you exactly what you really want. Don’t be in a rush, experiment and make all necessary adjustments on the instructions you give to the AI tool until you get it right. When that happens, you will be good to go. 

Also, use the AI tool to write the cover letter. The shorter the better. If you have never done this before, you will be amazed at how well the AI tool can write a cover letter. 

What AI Can’t Do 

While AI can help you write your consultancy proposal, it can’t help you add your project portfolio. You will need to prepare that yourself. Also, while referees are important, AI can’t help you add them. You will need to add that as well. 

And finally, the financial proposal is what determines if the client will award you the contract or not. AI will only give you a format in which you can adopt when preparing your financial proposal and you will need to crack the numbers on how much you will charge for the work. Take time to prepare a good financial proposal.


Practice makes perfect. The more proposals you prepare, the more perfect you become in writing them and also commanding the AI tools to help you write. AI is here with us and is here to stay. Use it to your advantage. 

And that is it from me here.

 Have you used AI to write your consultancy proposal lately? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, if you need media and communication consultancy services; reach out to me here

Up until next time, bye bye and take care. 

My name is cheptiony Mutai. 

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