Are you greedy to win as many jobs/contracts as you can as a entrepreneur online? If you are then you are not alone. Many online entrepreneurs don’t realize they are greedy for more work until they find themselves overwhelmed by work and still not rich and contented as they projected.

Entrepreneurs who have ventured into the online marketspace know the beauty of owning an online business. One of them is the freedom to work anywhere once your business is established.

But there is a spirit that one picks once he/she has had a taste of good money generated from the online market place. They want more and more of the money and the only way to satisfy this hunger is to look for more clients who are willing to pay well for the services on offer.

It will take one many years to realize that accepting many contracts without a proper plan of execution will lead to trouble. If one is not careful as an entrepreneur, it will be hard to know if they are making progress financially or not. This is because he/she will be very busy working on and taking more contracts in order to make more and more money.

Facts About Owning An Online Business

  • Online business success is dependent on targeted human traffic. More traffic means more sales.
  • The market is huge. You can get as many clients as you can based on your marketing strategy.
  • Quality is the King here. If you deliver quality services, you get more recommendations through positive reviews.
  • Clients will review your business negatively if you deliver poor services. If your interest is money and not value, then you entrepreneurship goals will not last online.

So how do one tell he/she is greedy for more jobs? He are some pointers.

You Are Busy Pitching For More Jobs

If you have 2-3 ongoing contracts and you find yourself interested in getting more work, its time to stop and think. Ask yourself why you need more work? Is it because you are having a lot of free time with you? If this is the case, then you are on the right track. But if your schedule is full and you are applying for more work out of fear, then you are looking for trouble.

First, if you don’t like any of the jobs that you are currently hired for, cancel the contracts. This way, you can create more room for more new jobs.

In you evaluation, you might find out that you are doing so because your current contracts don’t pay enough to help you pay your bills.

You Are Doing Almost Everything Yourself

Most entrepreneurs start up as self employed. They do everything by themselves first as they raise capital. If this act of doing everything yourself is not tamed early, it will turn out to be greed. As more and more clients come to purchase your services, you will always want to do everything yourself in order to keep all the money.

This if compounded will amount to greed and in turn stagnate a business from growing. If you are currently an entrepreneur who is self employed, look at your behavior verses your growth.

How do you handle tasks as your business grows?

Are you a person who is open to outsource as many tasks as you can to allow your business to grow?

Answers to these will be helpful in taming your greed. That is how a company is built.

You Have Payment Issues with Your Employees/Contractors

Many entrepreneurs will not agree with this fact but the truth is; they struggle to pay their employees despite receiving payment in full for the contract. This is a question of integrity. They love money and feel pain paying dues to others.

Such can only be summed up to greed. One wants to keep all the money and contravene the agreement they had with their contractors.

If you run your business this way, its time to change and be accountable. This way, you will be in a position to inspire everyone else under you to be accountable.

At your early stages of accountability, it will feel uncomfortable as this is not something you are used to. Be resilient and make it a habit of paying everyone else first.

By doing so, you will be able to recalibrate your business and thus grow.

Your Website Always Looks The Same

As you grow, your website should also improve. Don’t get swamped up with work to a point that you forget about improving how your website looks and adding more features.

I know its costly to keep your website up to date. But truth is nothing comes easy. You have to inject money in for you to grow.

If you feel that doing so is an expensive affair yet you are making money out the website, then you are greedy. Time always reminds an entrepreneur that they have to do something on their website to maintain their status.

Don’t let your websites current high conversion rate deter you from fixing bugs and errors on your website. Spend a portion of the money you earn to fix every little bug on your website.

You Are Avoiding To Pay Relevant Taxes

Its now becoming very difficult to do business when you are not remitting all the necessary taxes to your government. Businesses are taxed differently. For example, if you provide services online in Kenya, one is expected to charge 1.5% digital service tax.

This tax is supposed to be remitted to the government while filling your returns. Many online entrepreneurs avoid paying this because they don’t charge their clients the same. Some clients online will deny you work if they notice that you have included tax in your quotation.

As an entrepreneur who want to build a long term business, you should include tax in all their quotations and remit the same to the government.

When you are able to manage this successfully, you will be way much ahead of your peers in business.


As you might have noticed, greed comes in where money is involved. So be always on the look out in order to tame it. Its a question of practice and practice makes perfect. You will succeed in business when you are able to tame your greed.

And that is it from me here.

How can entrepreneurs tame greed for more work and money online? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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And until next time, bye bye and take care.

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