If you are a freelancer, you have some benefits that can help you create a lasting online business, unlike someone who has a regular job. For example, freelancers can decide their own schedule. They work when they want. This gives them the opportunity to take care of their businesses.
For someone who has a fixed employer, their main concern when it comes to work is pleasing their boss. The boss sets the hours they have to work.

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This means that as a freelancer in 2024, you have a better chance of success if you start a business now. That’s why in this blogpost, I will share with you 2 strategies to build a thriving business as a freelancer.

Use Your Skills from Freelance Sites To Build a Niche Business

Launching your own business is exciting, but the initial uncertainty can be daunting. Freelancing platforms offer a springboard, a dynamic testing ground to discover your entrepreneurial calling. As you complete diverse projects, pay close attention to the tasks that spark joy and expertise. Is it web design that gets your creative juices flowing? Or do you find analyzing data deeply satisfying? Recognizing these inclinations is your first step.

Next, use the platform’s search engine and project listings to delve deeper. What specific niches within your chosen field are in high demand? Are there recurring project types you excel at? This intel is invaluable. By analyzing your strengths and aligning them with market needs, you’ll uncover a lucrative niche – your sweet spot.

Remember, freelancing is a stepping stone. Once you’ve identified your niche, leverage the platform’s network and reputation to build your own portfolio and client base. Create a dedicated website showcasing your expertise and target specific clientele. Don’t underestimate the power of testimonials and positive reviews from platform clients – they add social proof and credibility.

As your independent business flourishes, gracefully transition away from the platform, taking your established client base and honed skills with you. Remember, the platform was a stepping stone, not a destination. By using it strategically, you’ve transformed from a freelancer to a business owner, ready to conquer your chosen niche. So, step onto the platform, explore, experiment, and discover your true entrepreneurial potential. The path to your dream business might just begin with a well-placed click.

Be The Go To Expert in Your Local Area

Your local community can be a breeding ground for entrepreneurial dreams. Starting as a local freelancer allows you to tap into existing networks and build authority within a specific niche. Imagine yourself as a freelance writing whiz, sought after for crafting compelling website copy for local businesses.

The beauty lies in starting small. Attend local networking events, connect with business owners, and showcase your expertise. Offer initial consultations at reduced rates to demonstrate your value. Word-of-mouth recommendations travel fast in a close-knit community, quickly establishing you as the go-to expert.

As you garner clients, resist the urge to stay stagnant. Use that income to invest in building your business presence. Develop a professional website highlighting your services and testimonials. Partner with local graphic designers for a brand identity that resonates with your community. Consider offering workshops or speaking engagements to further solidify your expertise.

Remember, every satisfied client is a potential walking advertisement. Deliver exceptional service, exceed expectations, and nurture genuine relationships. Soon, your local freelance work won’t just be an income stream – it will be the foundation of a thriving, community-rooted business. You’ll be the name on everyone’s lips, not just a freelancer, but the local expert everyone trusts.


While the initial glow of freelancing is undeniable, its very flexibility can become a double-edged sword. The constant hustle for projects, the feast-or-famine cycles, and the blurred lines between work and life can be addictive, yet ultimately trap you in a cycle of tasks without building something bigger.

Owning a business, however, liberates you from this treadmill. It shifts the focus from simply “doing” to “building.” You chart the course, set the vision, and create a structure that fosters growth and impact. Instead of being solely tethered to client demands, you’re empowered to say “yes” to the projects that align with your long-term goals, shaping your business into the embodiment of your passion.

Sure, the responsibility is greater, but so is the reward. It’s the difference between renting a swanky apartment and designing your dream home. The latter, while demanding effort, grants you ownership, freedom, and the satisfaction of creating something truly your own. So, step off the freelance hamster wheel and embrace the liberating power of building a business. It’s where you truly discover your entrepreneurial potential and leave a lasting mark on your community, and maybe even the world.

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