Whoever said writing is an art forgot to mention that it’s one of the most of powerful ART of selling. Now lets focus on that part ‘selling‘.  When it comes to video production, it’s the same, your interpret the script into video.

Now, before any idea is presented in form of a video, One has to put his/her concept in words. So, how do you write a simple yet easy to understand video demo/tutorial script that deeply connects with your customer/user?

Look at the Product/Software/App from the Targeted Customers Eye

Most software demos/tutorials serve two purposes; to either show the customer how to perform a task within a software or app or give them reasons why they should buy your software or app. Either way, the customer is in control. The best way to look at this is to base your script on the problem that the customer is having and tell them how your product solves it. You can use rhetoric questions to capture your customer attention. Tell them first why the problem costs them a lot of time or money. Then now show them step by step the softwares saves them a great deal.

Introduce What You Are Going to do And End With a Thank You Note 

Before you start your video tutorial, tell your viewers what you are going to show them. For instance, You can say …….in this video tutorial, I am going to show you how to download sales reports from your user dashboard.’ From the onset, the viewer is prepared to learn what you are going to show them. Once you are done with the tutorial, thank your viewer and ask them for any favor. i.e Like our youtube channel and so on.

Go Straight Forward to The Solution if Its a Video Tutorial 

Most video tutorials are done for people who are already using the software/application/website. Such users already know about the product and are just looking for steps to troubleshoots issues arising from using the software. Try as much as possible to go straight to the point and cut the BS. Be as brief as possible and explain the steps they need to take using  simple language that is understood by anyone irrespective of level they are in. Users will love you for this.

Write in a Conversational Tone 

Any person viewing a video tutorial always assume that whoever is presenting it is a expert. And at the back of their mind, they know that experts are masters of any given product/service and thus they don’t use any script when doing video tutorials. This is many cases, is not true. smart people write the the scripts and  someone else voices it. Now, when writing your script, imagine you were the presenter recording the voice over for the script and write it in that tone.

Use Short Sentences And Cut The BS 

If you are not aware, people like short video tutorials with no B.S. They like videos that go straight to the point and shows them exactly how to do it (whatever they wanted to do) in the shortest time possible. Always be that script writer who strives to achieve that.

That is all from me here. As always, I am always here to help with anything regarding to video tutorials.

Just message on the contact us page. If you have any additional advise that you think it will be beneficial to the me and the reader, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments section below.

Till next time, bye bye and take care.

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