If you are a voice over artist and wishes to improve your rate of winning clients online and getting highly paid- pay close attention to this post as I will be addressing what the clients looks into before hiring a professional voice over artist. Now, this will depend on the level of profession you are in and the platform you are looking those clients in. Most freelancing sites  allow clients to categorize their requirements when posting their jobs. These ranges from entry, intermediate and expert.

With this said, irrespective of the category you fall in the above, have in mind that the client is always looking for the best. So, what do you do to stand out from the crowd? Having hired and worked with over 100 different voice over artists in the past 5 years to voice the video scripts I work on, I have learnt that many great talents are gathering dust online for failing to clearly read and understand the what the client is looking for. It’s that simple, but somehow, some behave as if they are robots and apply for all the jobs that are posted online.

So, let me take you through the process in which I filter different job applications.

Did he/she read the job post? 

I usually post a job and wait for a few hours so that I have at least a number of applicants on my list. To be precise, start reviewing applications when I have 10 applicants on my list or more.  So the first thing, which comes automatically is, did this person read the job post and adhered to the requirements? All the time, I find 20-30% of the applicants apply for the job using generic cover letter. They want the job but the don’t even understand the instructions I give them. e.g In the post I clearly state that I am looking for a male voice over, and a female artist applies for the job. This says a lot about that person and without even reviewing their demo, I trash the application. Who wants to work with someone who does not follow instructions? You will agree with me, none.

Level of Understanding to my Project – Any past experience always helps 

The second thing I look into is if they understand the  type of audience my project is purposed for. In this case, I do a lot of video tutorial scripts, have they done video tutorials voice overs in the past? If yes, do they  have an example of voice over that that he/she has done on the same line. If they do, they they become my first priority.  This doesn’t mean that, I don’t review proposals for those who have not done video tutorials in the past. Most of those who know what they are doing will mention in their applications that they have not done it in the past work similar to what I am looking for- because the opportunity has not presented itself -but would like to give a try. I love this type of people because-they are honest – will give me their best.

Does he/she  have the correct accent I am looking for 

If you thought accent doesn’t matter, then you have not worked or projects targeted at global audience. We have many accents depending on the regions and continent request is coming from. For English, we have three main common accents, Neutral,  British native and American Native. Of-course there are several other english accents namely African accent, Indian accent, North American Accent and many more. Some of the clients who request for my services as a video producer, are usually specific on the type of voice over I should use in the video.

Audio demo recording quality 

Now, we are  at my favorite stage, downloading and listening to the demos sent by applicants. An audio recorded on phone and the one recorded on as studio is easily recognizable with the first 5 seconds. In the audio world, we say the ‘taste’ differs. One is deep and pleasing to listen while the other is not.  So, if the applicant says in his/her cover letter that he has a home studio yet you can hear from the recording that it was done in an environment with some echoes all over; that freelancer is not honest. It’s better to say you have an audio recorder which you compile it with your talent. Sometimes, I oversee the quality and choose to go with someone who knows to articulate his/her words well when recording.

Voice modulation/articulation 

At this point, in all occasions, I find myself with only 4 -5 voice overs to pick one from. This is what I refer as the best. Voice modulation is very important. I many a times receive several demo done with  high quality equipment but the presenter lacks the energy to project their words in a manner that I would want them done. So, artists ability to add some life to their words and convince someone listening to take action is very important. It has everything to do with the readers projecting their ‘will.’

Does the artist edit his/her work based on the demo 

Having edited videos for now 7 years, It’s no brainer that audio editing is a simple job especially if it involves editing out pauses and breaths. And the good thing about it is; you can do it within the software you are using to record the voice. So, if you are the type who thinks that the client will not mind unedited work – you now know why you are missing out on getting to work on those best jobs.


Is the artist available for a chat or call during your timezone? If yes, then this is a good deal. Any professional voice over artist, will be specific on the times they are open for communications. Sometimes, it’s all about responding to e-mails promptly and on time when necessary. I usually prefer a freelancers who who promptly respond to my messages when available.


Freelancing is knowadays a serious career. Clients who run their businesses remotely 24 hours are on the look for serious freelancers to help them. Among the most important things they look at is, their personality. How do they care for them as individuals as well as their business success?

If you can address your clients requirements from the onset- I bet you – That client will be excited to talk to you. Don’t sound like someone who is hungry to make a buck as you will be dropped like a hot cake:-)

That’s all from me today. What do you think clients look at when finding a freelance voice over artist? let me know in the comments section below.

If you need help with creating professional videos, contact me here. Till next time, bye bye and take care.

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