Before you hire any freelancer, there are many things that you look at. Among them are; communication response speed, skills, budget e.t.c. This thus means that, the moment you make that decision- you know the kind of person you are hiring.

So the question is, why address them rudely when you had done due diligence before hiring? What makes you stop communicating with them the moment they send you completed work?

Most freelancers work independently. They are their own motivation. When you hire them, the look up to you for kind words. You are among the people who understand what they do and is willing to pay for their skills. Since what they do is what they love, they will give it their best. You just need to treat them well.

With that said, human is to error. They will mess up a little in some things.

Here are 3 common things that demotivates a creative freelancer and how to correct them. Freelancers will love you for this.


Lack of clarity in your response to freelancer is discouraging. For example, let’s say you are giving feedback on a video; and instead of pointing out on a specific minute in the video, you just generalize things. You will confuse them. Even though they may have an hint on what you are pointing out, you will be giving them a lot of work. Moreover, some freelancers are shy to ask for more clarity.

Remedy:  When you provide your feedback, add a note in your e-mail message asking the freelancer to confirm if they understand everything in your feedback. This way, if they don’t, they will confirm. Don’t delve broadly on problems in the video or design, also, mention what you like. This is what a freelancer will want to hear as well.


You communicate well and promptly before hiring. Now, after hiring him or her, you go silent. You take days to provide your feedback. Nowadays, freelancers are organized and have schedules. Your delays will hurt their plans and schedules. Also, their motivation and creative flair on your project will be lost. If you respond after 2 weeks, they will have to remind their-self what your project was all about a fresh.

Remedy:  Try your best to give your feedback within 1-2 days. This will not only motivate the freelancer, but it will also, give them room to prioritize your work. When you communicate promptly, they will give it their all.

Payment Approval

So, the freelancer has delivered the final video/design and requested for payment approval. Since you are happy with the output, you forget to approve the payment for the work done. Getting paid is critical to freelancers. If you don’t approve the payment, it may take up to 14 days for the system to automatically approve the payment. While some Freelancers may follow up on the payment, they will take this as a neglect from the client. And next time you hire them, they will take your work lightly.

Remedy: Release payment ASAP once you confirm everything is completed. This will bring a smile on their face. Besides, they will long to work with you on your next project.

You can do many things to inspire your freelancers to enjoy doing what they do. As a client, you are a mentor. You help them as they help you.

Take a step today and appreciate them for the good work they are doing:-) You can buy them Pizza or barbecue as bonus.

That’s it from me today.

Till next time, bye bye and take care.

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