There are two sure ways to upload a theme to WordPress for use on your blog or website. In this weeks Freelancing tip, I will show you two ways to upload a WordPress theme to your webhosting control panel in order customize it to suite your needs.

Two Ways to Upload a WordPress Theme

Its always important to know different ways to upload a WordPress theme incase one of them fails to work. This way, you will be able to pinpoint and troubleshoot any errors. e.g missing stylesheet.

Upload Theme Directly from Your WordPress Dashboard

This is a very common way that you might be well versed with. On your WordPress dashboard, hover your mouse to Appearance and select Themes.

Select Appearance>Themes

Select Add New>Upload Theme>Choose File. Choose the zipped theme file on your computer to start uploading.

Select Add New>Upload Theme>Choose File.

Via Your Hosting Control Panel Panel

Sometimes uploading a theme via the WordPress dashboard fails to work. I have experienced this a couple times when trying to upload a theme purchased from theme forest. If you encounter the same issue like I did, then try uploading the theme via the webhost cPanel.

To do this, login to your hosting account. On your hosting account cPanel dashboard, select File Manager.

Select File manager from your hosting cPanel Dashboard.

On the new window. Select the domain you want to upload the theme on your left. Your domain folder will expand. Select public_html>wp-content>themes.

Select domain>wp-content>themes

Using the icons on top (which varies depending on your hosting provider), click upload files. Select the theme you want to install and click upload.

Click Upload.

When done uploading, select the uploaded folder and click extract the files.

Go back to your WordPress themes page and you will see the new theme display. From there you can start customizing it to suite your needs.

And that is it from me today on Freelance tips. If you have any questions regarding to this video, let me know in the comments section below. Alternatively, you can send me an e-mail to

Follow me on twitter @cheptiony.

Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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