Video: Unlock Your Superpower: Free AI Tools for Creators, Freelancers, and Bosses in 2024

Sometimes as a creator or a freelancer, you feel stuck,,I mean you want to do cool stuff like write blog posts and design fancy graphics, but you lack the inspiration. 

Well, I have good news for you! You can try using AI to boost your creativity. And guess what? Most of the AI tools available out there today are FREE! In this video, I will show you secret tools that can make you a content creation champion, a freelance superhero, or even a boss-level business builder.

Writing is a skill that can be enhanced with the help of artificial intelligence. There are many free AI tools for writing that can assist writers in various tasks. These tasks include generating ideas, correcting grammar, improving style, and more. 

Some examples of these tools are Copilot, Bard, and ChatGPT. All of these AI tools are free.


You can use Copilot for free on Microsoft edge browser. Install Microsoft Edge browser on your computer first, if you don’t already have it installed. To get started, open Microsoft edge browser and to the far right, you will see a blue round icon. That is the copilot logo. Click on it to open. Here you have 3 options. The first one is the chatbot version. With the chat feature, you can ask the Copilot any question and it will be able to give you an answer. 

For example, I will ask copilot to code for me a simple calculator app that I can install on windows. And within seconds, I have the code that I can paste on visual studio for further modification. This is helpful to every tech person. 

The second option is the compose feature. This is an ideal feature for writers. You can use this to write different types of content. You can compose content in different tones, formats and length. 

The last option is insights. This for researching trending content online and discovering new things. . 

All of these options are good and can help one craft powerful content. 


You can access bard on You will be required to login using your gmail email address.Bard is basically good for everyone, especially writers. With the help of bard, writers can come up with engaging stories and characters. Bard It uses natural language processing and deep learning to generate plot outlines, character descriptions, dialogue, and more.

It is important to mention that you can use bard for anything. For example, lets say you are applying for a job in a certain company, let’s call it company C.And you don’t have time to write a cover letter. Bard will do the job for you. Just instruct Bard to write a cover letter to company C for the position advertised. Tell Bard to mention that you have the skills needed listing them one by one.
Bard will do exactly as you have instructed. Here is an example of a cover letter. 


Nearly everyone knows of ChatGPT. It is a product of OpenAI and utilizes chatbots to generate accurate responses.  This tool can help writers create conversational texts and chatbots. Also, those in tech can ask GPT chatbot to help them with coding. 

You can access chatGPT on 

Microsoft Designer

If you are looking for free AI tools to design posters, social media GIFs, YouTube thumbnails and more, you might want to check out Microsoft Designer. Microsoft Designer is a web-based application that lets you create stunning graphics with the help of AI. 

You can choose from hundreds of templates, customize them with your own text and images, and download or share them online. Microsoft Designer also offers smart suggestions and tips to improve your design. Whether you need a flyer, a logo, a banner or a meme, Microsoft Designer can help you create it in minutes.

Use AI Tools To Write Social Media Memes! 

Tired of struggling to come up with funny captions for your memes? Or are you tired of designing memes on Photoshop? Well, Copilot, ChatGPT and Bard AI can save the day! 

Yes, these AI tools are now helping everyone create awesome memes that make people laugh out loud.

Just tell them a funny story or what’s trending online, and they’ll come up with hilarious captions that will make your friends say, “OMG, how did you come up with that?!”

Memes are not just about the LOLs. Memes can also be used to make important points about the world, spread awareness about cool stuff, or even teach people new things. Imagine using AI to make science memes that are actually funny, or memes that get people talking about important issues. That’s pretty amazing, right?

So, get ready to ditch those old-school meme makers and embrace the power of AI. Just remember to use your meme powers for good, not evil!

Wow, we just explored through a universe of free AI tools that can make 2024 your most epic year! From writing like a wordsmith to designing stunning graphics, AI is your secret weapon for crushing deadlines, conquering content, and building a business that rules.

Remember, you are the hero of your own story, and these AI tools are here to help you out. 

Up until next time, bye bye and take care. My name is Cheptiony Mutai.

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