Video -Comparison: Camtasia 2020 Versus Camtasia 2021

In this video tutorial, I compare Camtasia 2020 and Camtasia 2021 showing you the new features. Please share your feedback on what you think of my presentation below this video.

Camtasia 2020 Versus Camtasia 2021

0:40​ Changes on Get Started screen

4:30​ Camtasia Recorder New Look

5:08​ New Cool Transitions (Over 80 New Transitions)

7:07​ New Audio Effects

9:11​ New Visual Effects

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Editing Tips

Learn How to edit videos with Camtasia Studio. Use This Video Editing Formula To Edit Your Videos Fast With Camtasia Studio

How to Add and modify motion graphics on Camtasia; 3 Ways To Customize Camtasia Studio Motion Graphics Templates in 2021

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