When editing video on your preferred video editing software timeline, there are certain audio effects you will want to add and make the video sound good and professional.

In order to add the effects you want, you will need to know how to control the audio while editing the video on the timeline. In this blogpost, I will share with you ways to control audio while editing your videos.

Adding Audio Points

This is like the main skill you need to learn. Once you are able to master it well, you will be able to control the volume level of the background music on your videos. Audio points are small keyframes that you add to your audio in order to control the volume in different sections of the video as it plays.

The same can also be applied to video.

To add audio points on Camtasia studio, right click on the audio you want to add audio points to. From the menu that pops up, select add audio point. Repeat this process to add another audio point.

Control Audio on videos
Control Audio on Your videos

Controlling The Audio Points

When you add audio points to your audio, the audio points will appear like in the screenshot below.

Audio control points
Audio control points

Use the control points to raise and lower volume of the audio selected. To do this, click, hold and drag the audio point(one at a time) down to lower the audio volume and up to raise the volume. You can add the control points at any section/part of the audio on the timeline.

Use The Control Points To Fade In

At the beginning of your audio, you can use the audio points to fade in. To do this, add two control points to your audio. Let the audio points be 3 seconds apart with the first control point appearing at the beginning of your audio.

Fade in using audio points
Fade in using audio points

Drag the first control point down as shown in the image above. Play to listen and adjust accordingly as per the video you are editing.

Fade In Audio In the Middle of the Video

Lets say you in the middle of editing a video in the timeline, and there is a title that appears for 3 seconds. In the same video that you are editing, you have a background music playing in low volume. You want the music volume to rise at the section where the title is and fall again once the title disappears.

How will you achieve this audio effect?

You can achieve this using audio control points. To do this, add four audio points to your background music. Adjust the first 2 points to be 3 seconds apart and next to where the title begins. Have the other 2 control points at the end. (Ref. to the screenshot below).

Start by dragging the third control point up first to raise the volume to the percentage you want. Drag second control point up as well to the same level as the third one.

At the end, your audio points will look like the screenshot below but on the up side as you are raising the volume.

Fade audio in the middle of the video
Fade audio in the middle of the video

Once you have mastered audio control using the audio points, other edits related to audio will be easy.

Adding Sound effects To Video

The process of adding sound effects to a video is same as the one of adding a background music. The difference is the positioning of the sound effect in question.

Drag and drop the sound effect to the position you want it to appear on your video on the timeline. Replay the video and adjust it’s position to ensure that it’s in sync with the visual effect.


Trimming Audio Separately On A Video

Sometimes, you will want to trim audio separately on a video. In order to do this, you will have to first separate the video and audio. Next, right click and select separate audio and video. From here you will be able to edit audio and video separately.

Trim Audio on a Video separately
Trim Audio on a Video separately

Exporting Audio Only

The process of exporting audio only from a video timeline varies with video editing software’s. To do so on Camtasia Studio, click on export on the top menu and select export audio only. Select your preferred audio file type and click save.

Export Audio Only on video
Export Audio Only on video


There is more to video editing than just trimming the video as desired. These include editing the audio, designing and adding motion graphics, adding subtitles e.t.c.

Knowing how control your audio on the timeline manually is very good. With more practice, you will be able to do them accurately and faster.

If you are a professional freelance video editor, I urge you to factor in audio editing in your quote when asked to send a proposal.

And that is.

Is there any other way to control audio in your videos? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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