What will you do if you run out of both cash and Bank credit today?

Will you go to Google and search for a solution? e.g ‘What to do when you run of money?’ That will be so lame unless you have time to do so.

But lets be honest, this question never hits anyone until they find out that there is no food left in the house or the cooking gas has run out in the middle of fixing an evening meal at night especially Ugali for Kenyans:-)

Running out of cash befalls us differently. For others, it’s fuel running out of their cars while they are driving along the highway. While their first thought will be to reach out to friends and family for help, sometimes the help you need doesn’t materializes until you run out of airtime while in the middle of your conversations.

And then what? That will be your dead end right?

You are right. Dead end. That will be the case for the next hour or few hours. This again depends where the tragedy hits you. Was it home? Was it on the highway driving? If you were home then you can give yourself time to think of a way out. It is because at the end, you will end up with a solution after exploring all the available options.

Hope, is what we end up hanging on.

The hope that tomorrow is another day. And that it will come with good things and new ideas.

If you are a business person who depends on contracts and projects to make money, you will put hope on your skillset knowing that new opportunities will present itself and once you handle them, you will make money out of them.

Hope is not enough. You have to solve the arising issues at hand. At this point, you have called everyone and no help has come your way. You have explored all the possible options and still nothing is forthcoming. But you are relentless and keeps exploring what comes to your mind.

Finally, one of your contacts gives you hope. But now, they will be able to assist you after 3 days when they have money.

You will never reach this point without hard work on your end. You even go an extra mile and borrow airtime so as to call them.

This brings us to the answer on what to do when you are in such a predicament of ‘instant lack of cash.’ Your guts will not allow you to even relax for a minute. Each hour, you will be pondering upon how to get out of your situation.

You will call everyone you know who can help. You will even e-mail every client you have worked with in the past to see if they have some work at hand to offer you. You are confident that a solution to your problem will finally come through.

My advise is, do what you can do to get out of your trouble. Take your time and think. When someone comes to your mind, call them and ask if they can help.

But don’t sell your phone or valuables unless its a matter of life and death.

Lack of money has never killed anyone with good reasoning capacity!

That’s all from me here. What will you do if you run out of cash and bank credit?

I hope this article was helpful to you. Until next time, take care.

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