Before you venture into content creation for your brand, it is important to keep in mind that there is no stopping once you start. If you are working on a budget, decide on the content you will want to focus on based on the cost.

Now the cost for this will vary. If you are a content creator by profession, then it will only cost you your time to create the content you want. On the contrary, if you are planning to hire someone to help you to create the content, then you need to have a plan. Planning is important for any long term investment that has a recurring expense at the beginning before it reaps returns.

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But the big question here is, why should the process be continuous? It’s simple. Content is for marketing a business and marketing is a continuous process.

Its like a shop owner who opens his/her shop everyday. If they fail to do so, do you think customers will trust their business? The answer is absolutely NO.

That is the same with creating marketing content. You have to constantly come up with content in order to build trust with your customers.

Before I continue, here are some common useful content that you can think about creating for your brand or business.

  1. Blog posts.
  2. YouTube Videos.
  3. Social media shorts for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Tiktok.
  4. Graphics designs.
  5. Guest posts.
  6. Photos.
  7. Answering to Frequently Asked Questions.
  8. Technical Articles (Support Articles).

With this said, lets now dive in and talk about some of the reasons you need to regularly create content for your brand.

Sharing Content Regularly is Like Opening A Shop on a Daily Basis

Online space is a completely different market aside the physical location your business is operating from. Your customers therefore need to know that you are always there for them. Having a website is the first step to getting your brand ready to venture into the new marketplace. But is that all?

No, its not.

According to Siteefy, every minute, 175 websites are created. You are competing with many other businesses like yours. Currently, there are 1.14 billion websites in the world.

The only way to stand out from others is through content. Of course there is advertising which is expensive if you don’t have the money.

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Contents Are Lead Magnets

One way of directing people to your business is advertising. If it’s a physical business, then available forms of advertising is on signboards or billboards. That’s the same as a well branded website. That’s not all, there are many free ways to achieve the results you desire online via content. Content is the best means to direct customers to a business.

If you create content and people like them and find them helpful, they will be curious to find out about the source. And when they arrive at your website, they will get to know about your product. If you have an opt-in form, the will not mind sharing with your their e-mail address for updates.

It doesn’t matter where they find the content, be it social media or SEO, the customer will be on your site because of the content they found about you online.

Marketing Using Content is The Future

The future of marketing a brand, company or business is in the content they share. How connected is the content you share to your business?

Individuals should always think about this during the creation process. The only way to create and leave a lasting impressions on people is through the content you share on public.

Content is duplicable and compoundable. Once you share your content online it remains there. The more you create the same content around a given theme, the more you gain momentum.

In no time, there will be several keywords around business on the internet. This in turn will direct more people to your business. When more people visits your business, you grow.

Content Can Be Used To Retain Customers

Going by the fact that there are many businesses same as yours being set up online everyday does not mean that your customers will leave you for them.

But think about this;

If your customers are aware of your latest services, products, plans or see you announce changes you are making on your business online, will they have a different view of your brand or business? Of course they will and a positive one for that matter.

Even if a customer may leave you for the competitors services or products, they will have a good memory of your business and will be back if something bad happens to them there.

So when planning to create content, think about it as a means of retaining customers.


Whatever type of content you choose to start with, have a budget for it. Also look at the content creation process in a long term perspective. What expectations do you have from the content you create and share?

Also, imagine how much content your customers will access talking about your business if you regularly and consistently create and share.

More than enough right?

What will that mean to your business?

It will mean many things. First, you will have happy and satisfied customers.

Secondly, the trust that your customers will have on your brand or business will be unmatched.

Lastly, the same customers will recommend more people to your business.

There is a lot that one gains from content in a long term.

Do you think content creation process has to be a continuous?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

And if you need help to produce professional video tutorials for your tech product, you can request a quote here.

On the other hand, if you need help to kickstart the video creation process for your brand or business you can contact me here.

Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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