Monthly Archive: August 2021


Shifting Gears From Working to Hiring Fellow Freelancers

The courage to shift gears from working as a freelancer to hiring other freelancers to collaborate with you on a project requires a proper set of mind.
In this blogpost, I will point out different opportunities you should take advantage of as a freelancer and transition from Freelancing to business.


5 Features I Love On Camtasia 2021

In the past few months, I have found 5 new features I love within the Camtasia 2021 software which I would like to share it with you today. This is based on my experience recording and editing screencast videos and my vlogs. At the end of this blog post, I will share my favorite feature that is available in all versions of Camtasia studio that I discovered 5 years ago.


The Art of Hiring The Right Online Freelancer Fast As A First Timer

Hiring the right freelancer as a first timer for your next project calls for experience in the online marketplace. Shockingly, most online marketers makes the process sound like its a walk in the park. Well, it may be so, if you have a combined background in human resource😐 and online marketplace.


National Land Information Management System Ardhisasa Review

Whenever someone wants to buy a land in Kenya, the first step they are advised to take is to conduct a search with the ministry of lands and ascertain the real owner of the property in which they want to purchase. This step is critical and if a buyer skips it, they might end up buying a land that is already in dispute or not for sale.