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8 Kenyan Websites And Apps That Toped My List in 2021

Online service delivery is proving to be very efficient and convenient in Kenya. 2 years ago, you could not get an e-mail reply from many of the government institutions’ websites if you contacted them via their contact form. That’s still the case today in a few of them.


How To Become A Freelance Newspaper Writer And Get Paid Even While Still in College

With the way things are going on right now around the world, freelancing way of working is proving to be the best option available for businesses to thrive. Becoming a freelance newspaper writer is not hard as long as you put in time and effort to make it work out.


How to Start A Business in Kenya in 2021

Many people today will tell you they have a brilliant business idea. If you ask them why they haven’t started it yet, most blame it on several things among them being lack of capital to start.
So, how much does it cost to start a business in Kenya? Let’s walk through this together on this blogpost.


National Land Information Management System Ardhisasa Review

Whenever someone wants to buy a land in Kenya, the first step they are advised to take is to conduct a search with the ministry of lands and ascertain the real owner of the property in which they want to purchase. This step is critical and if a buyer skips it, they might end up buying a land that is already in dispute or not for sale.